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Union has proudly supported a broad spectrum of community related causes. Our charitable donation activities are focused on three key initiatives:
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Awareness

Each year, we receive hundreds of requests from worthy charitable causes throughout Wyoming, Colorado and portions of Utah. Since we are not able to support all of these requests, we have established guidelines to limit the type of activities we consider for support.
The following types of request fall outside of our guidelines and will not be considered for support:
  • Requests to support individuals
  • Requests from denominationally specific organizations
  • Requests from political organizations
  • Requests from 3rd parties to raise funds for a charity
  • Requests from multiple year commitments
  • Requests to support activities outside our service area
In order to evaluate the many requests that we receive that may fall within our guidelines, we have established criteria that will provide us with the pertinent information we need:
  • Proposals must be submitted in written form
  • A detailed description of the charitable organization and its cause
  • Contact information: Name, Mailing Address, Phone number
  • Is this a request for a financial donation? If yes, what value?
  • Date required
  • How does this request relate to one of Union's three key initiatives for charitable donations?
  • Provide details on any recognition that will be provided to Union, including media coverage, mention in promotion materials, signage, etc.
  • List of other donors; indicate whether they are potential or committed
Please include as much of this information as possible when sending your proposal to Union. Once your proposal is complete, please forward by mail to the following address:

Marketing Department Donation Request Union Wireless Company
P.O. Box 160
Mountain View, WY 82939

The Committee meets once a month on the 20th, if you have your request in later than this date we will not review until the next month.