Union Wireless
We're here for you.

Here in the West, when a crisis happens, we want our First Responders to have dedicated, unlimited access to our wireless network. That is why we are offering you our First Responder service which is tailored specifically to meet the needs of public safety personnel.

It provides:
  • Preemption which automatically activates to provide your personnel access to the network even in times of high network use.
  • Priority data service to ensure your communication gets preference even if the network is heavily congested.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for all day use at no additional charge.

Our first ever Unlimited with Priority and Preemption plan is here for you… because you are always there when we need you the most.

Priority Level 1
Providing preemption capability to prioritizing voice and SMS, limited to the following emergency response providers personnel:
  • Federal, State, and local governmental and nongovernmental emergency public safety
  • Fire Department
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency response
  • Emergency medical (including hospital emergency facilities) And related personnel, agencies, and authorities
Priority Level 2
Providing prioritization in voice and SMS, limited to support personnel are defined as:

Non-critical hospital personnel Non-critical management services like:

  • Communications Specialist
  • City Management
  • Standards and Planning Division Employees

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