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System Outage Alert

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Bundle Wireless + Internet

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FREE Wi-Fi Router

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Like Water and Air
Wireless and broadband services are essential staples of the modern household - like the elements, we can't live without them. It's estimated that the average home has around 11 connected devices and that a third of US homes have 3 or more smartphones. It goes without saying that these homes subscribe to both wireless and internet service. Why not combine them on the same bill and save money in the process?
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Adding a Union wireless account can save you up to $240 a year. The amount you save depends on the number of lines on your account.
Bundling automatically saves you the following:
  • $10 off the first line
  • $5 off the second line
  • $5 off the third line
With three lines, that adds up to $20 a month!

Or give us a call. 888-926-2273

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Union's broadband network was built using the best technology available. It's reliable, it's always on, and it's fast. 
The faster the speed, or bandwidth, the more you and others can do online at the same time. Whether it's multiple movies streaming, gamers gaming, or just surfing the web, with enough bandwidth everyone has a seamless experience.
Isn't it time you had internet service that lets you do it all?

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