Union Wireless

Colorado Basic Calling

Great service with added value from your home

Today’s active lifestyles require communication services that can keep up with you. With Colorado BASIC Calling* from Union Wireless, get the communication services you need in your home without the limitations and expense of a landline.

Service Pricing/ Monthly service is $19.14 per month with a one-time service activation fee of $65.
What You Get
  • Safety and Convenience - Take your phone with you, in the car, to business meetings, and local area events.
  • Unlimited local usage - Call to any LOCAL number within the local exchange and receive calls from ANYWHERE for one flat low price.
  • Replace the landline - Don’t be tethered to a landline - cut the cord and discover the freedom of wireless communications.
  • Economy - In many instances, Colorado’s BASIC Calling costs less than a traditional landline.
Add-On Features

Unlimited Long-Distance Only $20 per month
Bundled Add-on Features - Only $5 per month

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Six-Way Calling
  • No Answer/Busy Transfer
  • Voice Mail
Additional Charges That May Apply to your Account:
  • Domestic Long Distance - $.08/minute
  • SMS Messages - $0.05/incoming message and $0.10/outgoing message
  • MMS Messages - $0.20/incoming message and $0.25/outgoing message
  • GPRS Data - $0.01/kilobyte
  • Airtime Outside Your Local Exchange Area - $0.25/minute
  • Operator Services - $1.98/call
*Service is offered to Colorado residents where Union Wireless service is available. Service is a postpaid service on a month-to-month basis without a contract. No handset subsidies are provided with this plan. Service only available within customer’s local exchange area. See a Union Wireless Customer Care representative for details of the "local exchange" area.