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The web can be a harmful place... Content Filtering can keep them safe. Manage screen time. See browsing history. Set

Your family and Union

In 2019, the Utah State Legislature passed modifications to Utah Code §76-10-1231 regarding an internet provider’s obligation to aid in the protection of minors from potentially harmful online material. Union offers both mobile and broadband internet service, which enables our customers to access the internet on a variety of devices. While internet access is a wonderful, useful part of life, we recognize the importance of providing education and options for families to protect their children from inappropriate or potentially harmful content. We strive to support and empower our customers and communities, and are happy to provide help, guidance, and resources whenever possible.

What is content filtering?

In the simplest terms, content filtering is hardware or software a subscriber or provider can use to limit access to certain online materials.

To elaborate, content filtering and parental control software provides user assistance with monitoring and limiting the content accessible by a minor. Many of these services offer additional parental support such as settings to monitor social media usage, ways to set restrictions on what data can be shared between networks, and the ability to create schedules for app usage.

Popular options for content filtering include1:

  • Google Family Link (mobile)
  • OpenDNS (router-level)
  • Qustodio (PC, mobile)

You can learn more about what content filtering options are available and read user reviews by visiting reputable websites such as PC Magazine and CNET, or by visiting your device’s app store.

1 No matter which option is right for your family remember that filtering is fallible, and is only part of the solution. We encourage families to have open discussions about appropriate online activities, how to stay safe, and how to grow healthy internet habits.