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Have you seen us?

For over 100 years, Union Telephone has worked tirelessly to uphold our commitment to keeping our communities safe, secure, and connected by creating a vast network across the Intermountain West… And now that network is extending to Pinedale.

This spring our crews began construction of a fiber-optic broadband network in the town of Pinedale. In some areas, service is now available. In other areas, construction is ongoing, and we hope to offer service soon.

What to expect:

The task of entering a new community is a daunting one, but it’s something we do well. There are four main steps involved:

Preflight planning: We found a need and decided to take care of it. In Pinedale, we studied the environment, ordinances, and existing internet service availability. We then worked with landowners and local government to secure permits and right-of-way agreements.

Design: Our construction plan is tailored to your town, to make service available to a maximum number of businesses and residences. In Pinedale, we’ve structured our plans to allow service connections while the build is in progress. (We haven’t been able to do this in other markets.)

-> Construction: In this phase, fiber-optic cable is placed in the ground, connected to our network, and tested for quality. Until the main paths are completed, you can expect to see A LOT of us; Drop by and say hi! Our crews are always happy to meet people and explain what’s going on.

Connection: This is the coolest part. Once the network is tested and ready for service, our Operations crew will make the final connections, our Engineering folks will finalize the network paths, and then, finally, the fiber is lit like the sky on the Fourth of July!


Interested in more information?

Want to know more? Maps and progress reports are available here on the Pinedale fiber-optic build page.

Don’t care for the nitty-gritty details, just want to get connected?

Sign up for service here a
nd prepare yourself for speeds so fast, you’ll see stars!