Union Wireless

Important Information About Union 911 Services & Backup Power

To All Union Fiber Optic Network Customers:


Union home phone service provides Emergency 911 services. If you ever need to access emergency services (fire, police, or ambulance,) simply dial 911 on your phone and your call will be routed directly to the nearest public-safety operator. Emergency services will be able to find you because your phone number and address are electronically routed to the 911 operator the moment your call goes through.


Voice services provided through a fiber optic, or fixed wireless, network require electric power to make a phone call. As such, in the event of a power outage, a backup power source (such as a generator or battery backup) is required to make any calls, including emergency calls to 911.  Without a backup power resource, Union phone service provided through a fiber optic network and/or fixed wireless network will not operate during a power outage; The only way to maintain the ability to use such services is by using some form of backup power.


A backup battery for phone service allows you to continue to use your home voice services during a power outage.

For your convenience, Union offers two purchase options:

Unit 1, Current Price: $92 - CyberPower Backup Battery, 8 hours standby time and approximately 5 hours talk time, North America, Indoor UPS 12V DC, 7.2AH, 36W, 7 pin power connectors

Unit 2, Current Price: $194 - CyberPower Backup Battery, 24-hours standby time and approximately 14 hours talk time, North America, Indoor 12V DC UPS, 20AH, 30W, IEC320 C7 2-Prong Cord

Union also offers additional power cords ($10.)

You may choose to purchase a backup battery from Union or any other source; There are other types of power generation such as solar, car, or mechanical charges you may research, though these are not available through Union. Your purchase should be an American standard, regular backup battery or UPS system, with an output voltage of 12V DC.

Union fiber optic network and fixed wireless network modems have the capability to accept backup power with the following technical specifications:

  1. Nominal output voltage: 12V DC
  1. Nominal input voltage: 100V AC – 240V AC
  1. Battery type: Sealed, Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery


During a power outage, you can maximize the battery power of backup battery by avoiding unnecessary calls and limiting the duration of any calls you make or receive. If your home is vulnerable to extended power outages, you may purchase additional backup battery units to provide additional backup power.

Battery backup units sold by Union are not intended to provide power to any services other than voice. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices, cordless telephones, and other telephony equipment that require electricity to operate will not work in a power outage. Your Union backup battery cannot be used to power these devices. To maintain power to telecommunications devices other than your Union-issued modem, you must have a battery backup compatible with those devices that would allow them to function without electricity to your residence. You are responsible for providing and installing battery backup for your cordless telephone and other telecommunications devices and ensure that they operate during a power outage.


Backup batteries sold by Union can be safely stored in dry conditions between: 5°F – 113°F (-15°C – 45°C). Important note: Storing the backup battery above 77°F (25°C) will significantly reduce the life of the battery.

Testing and monitoring instructions for the battery are located on the manufacturer’s website. Refer to the detailed instructions from the online user manual for the following information:

  1. Proper use, storage, and care
  1. Periodic testing
  1. Monitoring the status of the backup battery and ensuring that the battery is charging normally
  1. Monitoring the condition of your modem battery

We encourage you to monitor your equipment regularly and replace the backup batteries as needed. Union is not responsible in the event a backup battery fails to provide adequate power during a power outage.

BATTERY WARRANTY: For warranty information and claims on a CyberPower Backup Battery, the manufacturer may be contacted at www.cyberpowersystems.com.