Get Your Deskercise On!

man stretching at desk
You are one workout away from a better mood.

5-minute read

The weather is finally warm, but you are stuck inside. When you have a desk job, it’s easy to become stagnant, sore, stiff, and inactive. Don’t fall into this trap! Take the next step to staying active in an inactive environment with deskercise.

With these 10 easy to do deskercises, you can stay moving throughout the day. Just pick a few to start with, and get your deskercise on!

1. Fidget - Building a habit of fidgeting can be hard. But you can wiggle or jog your knee or elbow when you think of it. Do whatever fits with what you’re doing. There are many exercises you can do as you talk on the phone or read spreadsheets.

2. TMJ Exercise - One of the worse things that job stress can cause is TMJ, or jaw pain, which can work its way to the temples, the back of the neck and even into the ears. When you notice your jaw tightening, yawning can be helpful to temporarily relieve tightness. But, working the jaw daily can help in the long run. Move your jaw from side to side, six times and repeat this several times throughout your workday.

3. Active Arm Stretches - Reach above your head and stretch your arms straight up reaching for the ceiling for at least 10 seconds. Next, stretch your right arm higher, then the left.

4. Spider Push-ups - Try the old “spider on a mirror doing push-ups” routine. Place your hands palms together with your fingers lined up. Then push your hands off and away from each other keeping your fingertips touching. Bring your hands back together and then push away again. Repeat 10 times.

5. Shake It Up - Shake your hands as though you’ve just washed them and have no towels. Do this for a minute or so every hour.

6. Wrist Stretches - Stretch one arm straight in front of you with hands facing palm up. Reach with your other hand and pull the hand straight down at the wrist. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat with the other arm. Do this for each hand 3 times.

7. Back Workout - Lower back pain is a classic side effect of sitting much of the day. Try to sit up straight. Shrug your shoulders lifting them up, trying to touch your ears with them. Hold the position for five seconds and then push your shoulders down while holding your head straight. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.

8. Butt Crunches – Repeated clenching of the gluteus maximus as you sit can help strengthen the muscles. Done properly, you should feel like you are rising up an inch or so. Do 10 times.

9. Calf Stretches - Push your chair back and stretch your legs in front of you, feet on the floor. Point your toes straight up and pull them toward your knees as far as you can, then point them down away from you. Repeat 10 times.

10. Walk- Granted, it’s not technically deckercise, but when you can, take the stairs, go the long way to your meetings, and during your breaks do a “perimeter check” by walking around the perimeter of your work place.

Even within the confines of your cubicle you can be physically active. You will be less stressed and more focused with all those endorphins flowing through your veins. When you’re ready for more, search the web for other ways to exercise at work. Happy deskercising!


 Contributed by Jesse Hess