Device Protection = Security, Flexibility, and Peace of Mind

Security. Flexibility. Peace of mind. Hedging against calamities are why warranties and insurance exist. When worst-case scenarios happen, we want to know that we are covered. Typically, a device warranty will cover any faults or problems you experience with its hardware or software. While, insurance will protect you against things like damage, loss or theft. We are willing to pay lots for our mobile device -it’s no wonder there is a market to secure them.

Here are a few things to take into consideration before you buy or consider extra protection on your cell phone device.

  •          The older your phone gets the less you will receive in a return.
  •          Fine print. It is the bane of any consumer’s existence. When you purchase a warranty or insurance policy for your device read the fine print.
  •          You may receive more money and experience less hassle if you use that broken phone as a trade in. Many big-name manufacturers have great trade in specials. Visit their websites for details.
  •          If you are given the option of a replacement phone, you may not get a brand-new phone, but a refurbished one.

To lessen the need of device extended warranties or insurance there are alternative options. First, buy reliable products from reliable manufacturers like Samsung and Sony. Second, instead of purchasing those extended warranties, self-insure yourself by setting aside the money you would have spent into a savings account or other dedicated replacement fund. If you don’t end up using the money for repairs, you can then use it to replace your device when the time comes. Third, some of the big-name manufacturers, like Samsung (, offer lease like deals where you are guaranteed a new phone every year. Lastly, wherever or whomever you buy your phone from, make sure there is a reasonable return policy in place.

At Union Wireless, we do not offer a warranty beyond that provided by the manufacturer. However, we do offer a program called ProtectCell (please see info-graphic below). We also offer a 14-day full coverage return policy. After your purchase, you have two weeks to make sure the phone is all you need it to be and working correctly. If there are any issues, bring in your device and you will receive a return according to the following criteria:

  •          Exchanges are allowed within the first 14 calendar days from purchase (includes holidays and weekends). Only one (1) per original purchase.
  •          Receipt Required
  •          Current Union customers only
  •          If purchased from an Agent store, must be a model offered by Union Wireless.
  •          Item Condition:
  •          Software unaltered (Rooted or Jailbroke handsets ineligible)
  •          No neglect, damage, or abuse
  •          All OEM packaging, paperwork, and accessories included (customer may be charged for non-personal accessory replacements)
  •          Additional items included as part of a promotion must also be included

With the high prices people are willing to dish out for tech, especially cell phones, it is important to consider the options in device protection. We are securely confidant that we give our customers the flexibility they need to make this choice. At Union Wireless, we’ve got you covered -and, that’s peace of mind.

Protectcell graphic 2Protect Cell Infographic