Fiber Optics: Next Generation Tech
Fiber optics is our present and our future. Union Wireless is installing fiber throughout the Rocky Mountains. Follow the link to learn more about the future tech we are using in our present.
National Joke Day: August 16, 2018
We hope you will share a joke or two with your friends and family on National Joke Day. Here are a few favorites from the employees of Union Wireless!
Lightning: Myth vs. Fact
On average 67 people are killed by lightning in the United States each year. There are many myths associated with lightning safety. Here are a few myths to help you be in the know when it comes to lightning.
Union Wireless Contest Rules for Cheyenne Frontier Days
A number of fun prizes will be given away during the Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration in Cheyenne. We hope to see you there!
Summer Safety Tips
Refresh your memory on how to handle sunburn, heat illness, and tick bites.
What are boosters?
Basic questions on what boosters can do for you.
A Formula for Freedom
A revolution was not what they wanted. But in the King's eyes, they were second-class citizens.
Founding Father: Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson had red hair, freckled cheeks, and was also described as "familiar with saddle, gun, canoe, and minuet." Learn more about this peculiar Founding Father.
Founding Father: George Washington
George Washington was a direct descendant of Odin? Find out some more little-known facts about our first POTUS.
Get Your Deskercise On!
A desk job doesn't mean you can't be active. Here are 10 exercises you can do in the comfort of your chair.