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High-Speed Internet

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  • 1.5 Mbps* Speeds

    1.5 Mbps*

    INTERNET USAGE: Great for the occasional Internet user. Checking email and light web surfing.

    $45.00 per month
  • 4 Mbps* Speeds

    4 Mbps*

    Internet Usage: For the basic user. Surf the web & stay connected through email and social networking.

    $50.00 per month
  • 10 Mbps* Speeds

    10 Mbps*

    Internet Usage: Ideal for everyday use. Online shopping, watching videos, downloading music and more.

    $60.00 per month
  • 20 Mbps* Speeds

    20 Mbps*

    Internet Usage: For users who download large files. Watch streaming videos and play online games.

    $70.00 per month

*All packages include a residential landline at no additional cost.
Speeds may vary by location, see store for details.

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