Customer Service - LLDisclosure

Land-Line Open Internet Disclosure

Union offers high speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) in select areas. Currently, DSL is available only for Union's landline or local telephone service customers. The speeds currently offered are 256 Kbs, 512 Kbs and 1.5 Mbs. In general, Union neither gives preference to nor deays internet traffic. We operate a First In First Out network for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Union's Network Practices

  A. Congestion management involves overall provisioning of adequate internet backbone capacity to provide service at subscribed data rates and does not involve measures that prefer or prioritize one type of traffic over another.
  B. There are no application-specific behaviors.
  C. Device attachment rules only prevent attachment by malicious equipment.
  D. Security measures are limited to optional spam filtering for customers who use Union's Email service, and proprietary measures to ensure the stability of the network as a whole.

Union's DSL Performance Characteristics and Commercial Terms

  A. The speeds currently offered and the cost per month are:
    1. 256Kbs for $24.99 per month
    2. 512Kbs for $34.99 per month
    3. 1.5Mbs for $44.99 per month
  B. Customers can generally expect data throughput rates at and sometimes above the subscribed level.
  C. To review Union's privacy policy regarding customer proprietary information, please click here.
  D. Customer comments or complaints should be directed to:
    1. By Mail: PO Box 160, Mountain View, WY 82939
    2. By Phone: 1-888-926-CARE(2273)
    3. By Email click here