Consumer Signal Booster Registration

Consumer signal boosters are designed to be used "out of the box" and represent a cost-effective means of improving wireless coverage in rural and underserved areas, as well as difficult-to-serve indoor environments, such as office buildings and hospitals. When properly installed, they can also improve public safety communications and enable the public to connect to 911 by extending cell phone coverage to areas that would otherwise have weak signals.

Although signal boosters can improve cell phone coverage, malfunctioning, poorly designed, or improperly installed signal boosters can interfere with wireless networks and cause interference to a range of calls, including emergency and 911 calls.

The FCC recently adopted new rules to improve signal booster design so these devices will not cause interference to wireless networks. The FCC also adopted new rules about what cell phone users need to do before using a signal booster. The FCC's new rules affect you whether you currently own a signal booster or are thinking about purchasing one. Union Wireless is currently accepting applications to allow the operation of consumer signal boosters that meet the FCC's new rules. By filling this registration for your potential booster, we will consider your application and its potential affect to our overall health of our network. We will communicate whether or not this is approved in a reasonable timeframe. As our network continues to change, there could be some point in the future where we as the carrier, in our sole discretion, determine that the operation needs to cease.

Please register your signal booster by completing and submitting the following form:


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