A Phone Where the Buffalo Roamed

The rich history of Union Telephone Company, one of the oldest
continuously operated, family-owned businesses in Wyoming.

"A Phone Where the Buffalo Roamed: Connecting Neighbors in America’s Outback," by Terry A.
Del Bene, details the remarkable journey of Union Telephone Company since being founded in
1914 by John D. Woody. During the course of over 100 years, the company has evolved from
humble beginnings as a small town local landline provider utilizing homemade equipment, to a
state of the art wireless carrier with international roaming partners.

The story is a classic tale of Wyoming, where hard work, perseverance, and determination are
needed to survive and overcome the harsh conditions and rugged environment. Today, the
descendants of John D. Woody continue his vision of keeping people connected across the vast
isolated Wyoming terrain.

Union Telephone is proud to share the history of the Company with the public. The book serves as
a testament of how hard the employees and Woody family worked to provide customers and
people roaming on our network with dependable service in the rural west.