Bill Guide

Directions on how to read your Union Wireless Bill

Guide to Paying Your Bill Save Time - Pay Online

Paying your bill online is quick and easy. No more stamps or envelopes, and its FREE!

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  • Eliminate missed payments with automatic bill pay.
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Here is how to read your bill:

  • 1

    Statement Summary

    Overview of your previous balance payments, current charges and total amount due.

  • 2

    2. Payment Slip

    This convenient tear-off slip ensures that your mailed in payment is applied properly to your account. Please return it with your payment in the envelope provided with your bill. Not needed when paying online.

  • 3

    3. Summary of New Charges

    Overview of new charges on equipment and services purchased during the billing cycle. (You'll note that the total equals the total new charges on the statement summary

  • 4

    4. Local Service Residence

    If you have landline service, landline charges will appear on the Local Service Residence page.

  • 5 6 7

    5. Your Plan and Service

    This section provides a breakdown of your current charges including overall wireless charges, taxes, credits, and any fees that may apply. Notice the charges are broken down at service adn user level, with an addition of a usage summary where applicable.

    6. Sumamary of Unbilled Usage

    Charges in this section refer to usage not billed on previous statements. (See FAQ)

    7. Usage Summary

    This section provides a breakdown of your current usage and is detailed on the preceding pages.

  • 8

    8. Usage Details

    Details from usage summary page:
    • Unbilled usage from previous statements
    • Evening and weekend usage
    • Mobile to mobile usage
    • Anytime minutes
  • 9 10

    9. Surcharges

    Surchages may collect: Roaming State Tax, Roaming Surcharge, 411 Directory Assistance, 411 Connected Call, Calling Card, Operator Assistant Connect Call, Operator Assisted Collected Call, Operator Assisted Third Party.

    10. Usage Details

    Details from usage summary page:
    • Messages (SMS and MMS usage)
    • Data (internet) usage
    • Content (ringtones, wallpapers & games) usage

Questions & Answers

Who is 307-354-6254

That is your voicemail number

Will my Bill be protected?

Yes, when you add a new service or change your plan, your monthly recurring charges will be protected for the time of the addition or change.

Why does my bill have roaming charges on it when I have a unlimited plan?

If a call originates outside of the subscribed plan coverage area, roam charges will apply.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, log on to our our accounts page and go to the "My Accounts" tab follow the directions.

What is the USF Fund Charge?

USF stands for Universal Service Fund and is a US government program that provides subidies for telephone service in areas that might otherwise have difficulty obtaining affordable telephone service. Especially in low income and rural areas. The fund is administrated by the FCC.

Can I see additional details on my SMS & MMS usage?

Yes, by subscribing to online bill pay

Why do charges from my previous cycles appear on my bill?

At times, charges are incurred too late in the bill cycle to apply to the current cycle.